Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Junque Journal Pages...

I was like a maniac this weekend.  I did some pages this morning and also while I watched Inception, which likely colored the one using the white out strips....

Cult of Done Manifesto.

 Creativity Encouragement.

Goodnight Demon Slayer Goodnight!

Inspirational quotes over some old photography.

Why is it that our memories are always better than our reality?
Why is it that we lie to ourselves?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My love....

So, yesterday was an ode to my father.  Today is an ode to the most important man in my life, my fiance, Jeff.  We've been together six years now.  We've been through all kinds of things and through some really rough patches.

One of the things we both deal with is that we are both bipolar.  Neither of us are on meds as the meds have caused more issues in both of our cases.  It's spiraled me into depression and killed my creativity while Jeff felt disconnected from the world and as though he wasn't really functioning.

We're both blessed that we get that about one another.

Recently we went through a really rough patch when I sailed off into a manic phase for months.  I was hard to deal with.  I had little in the way of an attention span and he went through hell.  His understanding helped me through and helped me reground myself.  He and my best friend helped me re-find my coping mechanism of art.  That's what this place is.

Jeff encourages my creativity and I've been very lucky that not only does he encourage it, he also revels in it.  He enjoys what I do and he enjoys just even sitting with me while I create.  He's my muse.

I love him with all of my heart.

Worked on my junque journal....

A lot of these pages are very cathartic.  It's interesting to see how the mixed media and gluing approach is likely one of the healthiest things I can do for myself.

I know that my mom's partner when I was in high school used to do this, but hers was a lot of magazine photos that she glued in and then wrote on.  I got alphabet stamps today from Michael's and now I am seeing more words added to mine.

Friday, August 26, 2011

My father...

I have an interesting relationship with my father.  He came into my life in my 20s.  He was unaware I was his daughter and I was unaware he was my father.  By the time we started to get to know one another, I was well past the age where he had a lot of influence.  He's very traditional.  I'm very not.  He's a wonderful man and accepts me for who I am. 

That's rare. 

I'm very lucky to be his daughter.